We're having a party

Mesi Mucsi

"We're having a party
dancing to the music
played by the DJ
on the radio
the cokes are in the icebox...
… and having such a good time..."

So this is what real party felt like as teached by old master Sam Cooke.

One may ask, can a (cocktail) party-like atmosphere mediate art better? Of course, one may conclude, it can mediate everything over time.
While surrounded by serious painting, sculpture, and photography exhibitions, the representatives of Ljubljana based artist-run Galerija Gallery are mixing colorful drinks, playing loud disco shit and trying to represent the idea of art as embodied in the process of preparing, selling and consuming cocktails.

Sip art just like a cocktail and have a good time at 17.00 at the booth of Galerija Gallery.

Made in China / GalerijaGallery : Cocktail Party @ Budapest Art Market 2016
Cocktail by Lada Cerar
Photo: Artmagazin Instagram