An exhibition of István Csákány at Trafó Gallery

A video interview with István Csákány on his exhibition titled DIORAMA at Trafó Gallery

Interview, editing: Emese Mucsi
Camera, editing: Marcell Esterházy

István Csákány became one of the most important emerging Hungarian artist, after exhibiting a monumental installation at dOCUMENTA (13) in 2012. Csákány will present new works in the frame of a solo exhibition in Hungary for the first time since this important international appearance of his. Although the visitors of Trafó are not strangers to his practice, since a number of his important pieces have been produced on the occasion of group exhibitions in this institution - for example, his statue project entitled the “The Worker of Tomorrow” which granted him the invitation to dOCUMENTA.

Through his works, Csákány clearly attempts to renew and reinterpret the genre of sculpture, and his methodology blends instinctive and elementary installation skills, bringing forth new energies into this discipline. This is clearly shown by the fact that he was involved in a number of important exhibitions in Budapest at the Ludwig Museum, and at the Kunsthalle, while his works today are part of the collections of MUDAM, Luxembourg and the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht.

The pieces which make their debut on the exhibition clear the path of the artist who makes a radical lyrical turn towards a total and instinctive installation art with dark tones and obscurity. On the apropos of this solo show Csákány reforms his practice, which was based on the tactics of appropriation, on the use of found objects, which are reconstructed and recontextualised in his different works. Csákány opens a new chapter in his oeuvre attempting to summarize and transcend the physical and theoretical frame of his previous pieces, which focused on the general topics of work and the artistic career, as such.

You can download the HANDOUT of the exhibition from here.

DIORAMA – exhibition of István Csákány
Opening: 11th of September 2014, 7 pm.
On View: until 19th of October 2014
Venue: Trafó Gallery, Budapest

/Source text: http://trafo.hu/en-US/diorama/